Five Steps to Define Your Style

I want to look like I stepped out of an instagram sponsored post. Or maybe, like my outfit took more than 5 minutes to put together. I want to have people compliment me on my outfits or be the girl that people always proclaim “has style.” Have some of these things crossed your mind? On a level from pjs all day to fashionista, do you just want to land somewhere in the middle? Maybe you just want to be able to express yourself in a way that can be defined as “your style” and unique to you. No problem. Let me give you some tips to start.

(1) Find the best styles that fit your body type.

This may sound really obvious, but sometimes it’s not. It also takes a lot of trial and error. In the era of low waist skinny jeans, I forced my big booty and “muscular thighs” into Hudson Jeans because I wanted to wear what was in all the fashion magazines (and especially on Britney Spears). But I just had to come to terms that this style (thank goodness, short lived) was not flattering to my shape and therefore would not make me feel confident. If increasing your confidence when getting dressed is something you want to work on , then this is an absolutely essential point. Don’t chase fashion trends. They’re circular, for the most part and something will always go out of style and come back in style. If you can pinpoint the styles that make you feel like a superhero every day you walk out the door, then you’re capable of nailing your personal style.


Start with silhouettes you love : skinny jeans, fitted dresses, button-down shirts (for example) and see how you feel when you wear these things. Can you go through your day without tugging or pulling on something , without feeling self-conscious or worried that something is out of place? Do these pieces really bring out your inner rock-star? Take some notes over a week on the things you loved and didn’t love and get ready for step 2.

(2) Collect inspiration

We’re each our own perfect butterfly but sometimes we need that extra inspo to navigate us in the right direction. This isn’t about copying someone else’s style but taking inspo from different people to help us define what works best for us. I’m a pinterest junkie, so that’s where I would collect my favorite looks. Start pinning outfits you like. After a week or so, go through the pins and try to identify what you liked about different outfits. Do you notice that you have a lot of photos with girls who just look effortless? Minimal layering pieces, slouchy shirts, fitted jeans, layered necklaces and rings? Or maybe almost every one of your pinned photos has a girl with a fedora and tall boots. Create little groupings of the things you have identified that you like the best and move on to step 3.

(3) Go through your closet and create a capsule wardrobe.

Now that you’ve identified what makes you feel like Beyonce and what pieces and styles you’re all about, it’s time to put it into action. The organization part! I know , it sounds daunting, but once you’re done your life will be a lot easier I promise. (Check out the blog post I already did about how to create a capsule wardrobe here.) But basically, you are just editing down your closet to a few staple pieces that fit into steps 1 & 2. You want getting dressed in the morning to be as simple as possible and you want there to be some consistency in your look (hence personal style) so you need to identify your closet staples.

(4) Make a “signature piece” out of something you love.

Ok, you’re basically a fashionista now. It’s time to get fancy. What’s going to be that piece that defines your style? I absolutely abhor matching or monochromatic looks. I love wearing as many colors (neutral colors, I’m not a unicorn) as possible. I’ll throw on my gray rancher hat, an oversized denim jacket, fitted floral mini dress short black moto boots and a fringe patchwork bag and call it a day. I’d say my range of colors and masculine meets feminie combos define my style. And my signature piece would be one of my hats or moto boots that I can wear with almost anything. Go through your newly curated capsule wardrobe and pick something or a series of “somethings” that can be this for you. Maybe it’s your collection of wide-leg pants that you love or your series of perfectly dainty charm necklaces that you can layer and look perfect with every outfit. Or your killer vintage cowboy boots that you realize go with a lot more than you thought. Find those loveable things and wear the heck out of them.


(5) Invest in pieces you can keep in your closet forever 

As style icon Audrey Hepburn said, “Why change your style?” As tempting as it is to hit up Zara and collect all the trendiest pieces for this season, I promise you that you’ll be returning a lot more often than you expected and than your wallet expected. It’s better to save up or just avoid “shopping sprees” and focus on quality pieces that you can add to your wardrobe that won’t just be with you for one season. Some of my favorite pieces : my Marc Jacobs wool coat, my vegan leather moto boots, and my LACAUSA Tencel trousers are all pieces I was hesitant to spend money on. But now, years later (or months later for my trousers) I am still wearing them and they still work with my style and fit in my closet. (Read more about how to shop more consciously here. ) Trends come and go, but style is forever. And while you can update here and there with accessories or new layering pieces, your staples should last you as long as possible. So find those good quality , sustainable brands (take a look at some of our favorites) and be a loyal customer!