The Perfect Tank Top by LACAUSA

 Good basics are hard to find, but perfect basics are even harder ! At Pacer, we’re committed to offering you only our favorites and the Maya Tank from LACAUSA is definitely one of them. 

The Maya tank is 100% cotton with a vintage vibe. The colors are muted and we carry the perfect combination of versatile colors. 

LACAUSA is one of our favorite brands because they are determined to only produce responsibly. Their garments are designed and manufactured in Los Angeles and they ensure their producers receive a livable wage and work under ethical conditions.

Rebecca Grenell is the owner behind LACAUSA . She is a SoCAL native, born and raised in Malibu, California. The name LACAUSA comes from “LA” (Los Angeles) “CA” (California) “USA” (United States of America). “La Causa”  also means “the Cause” in Spanish and LACAUSA works to make their cause sustainable and community friendly by donating to local charities and foundations. 


Their basics are high quality , comfortable and contemporary. 

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*picture of Rebecca Grenell from almanac of style