Meet Vanessa

In March of 2015 I moved to Prague . I was looking for an adventure. I had spent the last 10 years of my life working in retail as a store manager and social media specialist. My passion of styling and working with people had slowly become “work” and the “fun” had been beaten out of it by the corporate 9-5 (or in my case, 9-8+).

 My trip to Prague was meant to be temporary: six months to a year to be re-inspired and take the break I needed from the “rat race.” 

I quickly realized that I was in love. Not just with the Czech Republic, but with the European lifestyle. There was a whole other way to live life and all I had to do was cross an ocean to discover it. 

I spent five years teaching English in Prague ; soaking in the culture and customs of my Czech students and listening more than I ever have in my life. After my last lesson each day, I was “off the clock.” I didn’t have to stress about work or what was going to happen the next day. Besides the time I spent planning lessons, after work really became “after work.” I traveled and explored and began to live the adventure I was missing. 

Three years in I started to miss fashion and styling and the feeling I got when someone left my store feeling more confident than they had before in an outfit I put together for them. 

At this point I had already met my now husband Lubo. Lubo is the perfect partner. Not just in business but in life (good thing I caught him). He knew about my work back in Cali and even had the opportunity to meet some of my best customers when we went back to visit. He saw the opportunity in Prague : a place where women could go to have a unique experience : styling , great customer service, and unique ethically focused-fashion. So , he decided to invest in creating this space in Prague.

Now, we’re happy to open our doors. Pacer will be the shop in the neighborhood you can come to be styled for any event or any day. You can discover new brands from California and also be introduced to eco-conscious , small brands from around Europe. You’ll never be met with anything but a smile, and I promise customer service will always be our top priority. So come in and say hi :)