Why You Should Wear Tencel

There’s nothing more frustrating than spending money on an item that you only get a few wears out of. Who wants to wear a pair of pants just a few times to then find they’ve begun to pill or lost their shape? This is where the research on sustainable fabrics and their life in your closet comes in handy.

What’s Tencel?

Tencel is a fabric that is created by dissolving wood pulp. This wood pulp is then spun into thread that can be used to create fabrics for casual wear or active wear. The wood pulp is harvested naturally from sustainable plantations or forests , limiting the global footprint of its manufacturing processes. 

Why is Tencel better than polyester?

Tencel is a long lasting fabric made without chemicals while polyester and other synthetic fabrics are made from chemicals that don’t break down over time . Unlike polyester, Tencel does not pill and becomes softer as you wear it. 

Why is Tencel a sustainable fabric?

Tencel is biodegradable since it is made from botanical materials which means that after you’re done wearing your favorite Tencel product (if that ever happens) it will decompose if it ends up in a landfill. Creating fabrics for the fashion industry wastes a ton of water (about 79 billion cubic meters of water per year), so it’s important to note that Tencel requires much less water to create and uses recycled water in the process. 

A few more reasons to buy Tencel…

The fabric is super soft , it’s very durable and has moisture-wicking and anti-bacterial properties which means you can wear it more often before having to wash it. 

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